My trip to the Anglo-American School in Oruro, Bolivia, September 2000

This trip was a result of an initial contact from Eduardo Mediola, a former student who is very active in the alumni association, followed by a very persuasive letter from Freddy Carrasco, the director of the AAS, and Igor Chavez,the president of the Centro Cultural Anglo Americano. Although my initial response to Eduardo's invitation was to decline, my decision was reversed promptly when I realized that the date for celebration of the anniversary of the founding was my father's birthday.

I want to thank Freddy Carrasco, Igor Chavez, Eduardo Mediola, Slavia Vladislavic, Anna Maria Ampuero, and the staff, students, and alumni of the AAS for the wonderful hospitality extended to my daughter Karen and me during our visit. I also wish to thank the people at the Technical University for the tour of the mineralogical museum, as well as Dr. Zubieta and the people caring for the former Herzenberg house for making our visit there possible.


Photo credits: Many of the pictures were taken by Karen, a few by me, a few (especially in La Paz) were frames grabbed from a video I took, and some were purchased from the roving pro agents.

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Oruro Video, rough cut

This is a preliminary edit of video I took in Oruro. Some frames from it are part of this document. The editing removed extraneous material such as floors, and assembled the remaining material into the sections listed below. There are no titles, and very little sound. Duration: 8 minutes, added in 2008. It may be viewed with "Apple Quick Time."

The order of the sections is:

  • Oruro Newspaper 'La Patria'
  • La Paz Newspaper 'La Razon'
  • Weather in Oruro

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    Revised 6 February 2008